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Faithful to its commitment to excellence and success in its missions, the AGCE keep investing heavily in building a robust and secure public key infrastructure (PKI) that meets international standards, and after a successful series of a period of time external audits, resulting in the obtaining of WebTrust seals for the second year in a row, has achieved one of its important objectives and henceforth is able to deliver recognized and trusted digital certificates, either at the national and international level. The WebTrust seals are a proof for the efforts made and a testament of the high level of security and reliability of the National and Government CAs’ infrastructure and services.

This progress is crowned by the recognition of the Algerian National Root CA, as a trusted provider of digital certificates and signatures, by Adobe, indicates that the digital certificates and signatures issued by the National root CA and its subordonate Government CA will now be recognized and trusted by Adobe users worldwide.

The Algerian National Root CA has recently been included in the Adobe Approved Trust List, marking a significant achievement in the country’s journey towards digital transformation. This inclusion will provide a major boost to the country’s ongoing efforts to increase its digital infrastructure, accelerate the pace of digital innovation and drive its economy toward growth and prosperity.

The recognition of the Algeria National Root CA, as well as its subordonate Governmental CA, in the Adobe Approved Trust List, is an extraordinary feat towards Algeria’s digital transformation. This recognition will amplify the credibility and reliability of Algerian businesses and individuals in the global market, since they will be able to participate more effectively in international trade and e-commerce, and it will also enhance the country’s global reputation as a secure and reliable destination for online transactions.

AGCE in collaburation with ANCE continue to work towards recognition by other root program vendors such as Mozilla and Microsoft, ensuring its SSL certificates and code signing certificates are trusted globally. With these ongoing efforts, AGCE is well on its way to becoming a recognized and trusted provider of digital certificates and signatures worldwide, furthering Algeria’s digital transformation and enhancing its reputation in the global market.